Welcome to St .Kakumba Chapel

A congregation of loving of people with a committed, loving and caring pastoral team to help you feel at home, and offer you all the emotional, spiritual and social support you need through teachings, counseling, prayer and discipleship.

Sunday Services

Here at St. Kakumba, we have three services.

  • 7:30am first service
  • 9:30am second service
  • 11:00am third service

All the services have of attendance of about 5000 people.

8:00am – Nabisunsa Girls School service – Kyambogo university west end main hall

8:00am – Kyambogo C0llege School – college library

3:00pm – every last Sunday of the month.

Order of a normal Sunday service.

Welcome and Call to Worship

Praise and worship


Ministry of the word




Holy communion


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