• How do I book for a wedding day at St. Kakumba chapel?
  • What the requirements to be wedded at St. Kakumba chapel?


We publish banns of marriage between:
1. Mr. Chalujumba Ambrose Rwesherengwe Kanyesigye son of the Late James Nkwasibwe Chalujumba and Mrs Jane Sunday Chalujumba of Kabale District and Ms. Sarah Anguria daughter of Joseph Anguria and Esther Suzan Atemo of Wera, Amuria District. (3rd time of asking)
2. Mr. Rwothumio Joseph son of the Late Ucamringa Nehemiah and the late Yokabet Jowilo of Nyampea, Okoro Zombo district and Ms. Berocan Harriet daughter of the Late Faustino Dirikpa and Rosa Okoko of Paida, Okoro, Zombo District (2nd time of asking)

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